Essay on Discrimination Against the Gypsies

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"There are some 15 million Roms dispersed across the world. Their history is one of suffering and misery, but it is also one of the victories of human spirit over the blows of fate. Today the Roms revive their culture and are looking for their identity. On the other hand, they integrate into the societies in which they live. If they are understood by their fellow citizens in their new homelands, their culture will enrich the society's atmosphere with the color and charm of spontaneity" (Ghandi). The word Gypsy is used to describe a particular nomadic group of people who originated in Northern India. It was when they began their nomadic ways, for reasons unknown, and traveled to Europe that the term Gypsy was born because …show more content…
There are, however, five main points that all Roma have adopted. These are loyalty to family, a belief in God and the acknowledgement of the devil, a listing of standards and norms followed by the tribe members, and the ability to adapt to changing conditions from migrating (Patrin). They also all have a high level of respect for the elderly among their tribe, and put strict regulations on their unmarried women. Also, the different dialects of the Roma seem to have stemmed from one source, which is considered to be Punjabi or Hindi. Whatever tradition the different groups of Roma may have, they all hold on to these traditions and are still put into play today. For example, the Roma women are married young, usually around twelve or thirteen, and the marriages are arranged according to the ties or in an attempt to strengthen ties between two families (Wikipedia). Gypsy communities can be found all over the world. Gypsies were even among the earliest settlers in the Americas because the European government began rounding up entire Gypsy communities and deporting them to the Americas. Gypsies were also deported earlier in history for the purpose of serving as slaves. The Gypsies were dispersed all throughout the Americas leaving behind them an impact on the native’s culture. For example, many of Jamaica’s folktales have a Gypsy theme to them. Another example would be how some slang words in Latin America have Gypsy origins.

Before the Roma
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