Discrimination And Discrimination : Discrimination Is The Treatment Of A Person Or Group Of People Differently?

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Everyday an employee lives different experiences at the workplace. Discrimination is one of the biggest issues most employees unfortunately have to deal with. But what is discrimination? Discrimination is the treatment of a person or group of people differently. Most of the times this treatment is worse than the other people are usually treated. There are different types of discrimination, but the one I will be discussing is employment discrimination. Employment discrimination is when an employee is mistreated by an employer based in sexual orientation, age, religion, gender, origin, race, and disability. Discrimination is not a new issue in society, it’s been a concern for a long time. Personally, I think discrimination has increased with technology. Social media plays an important role regarding to discrimination. There are different discrimination cases everyday in everywhere but nowadays, there are certain federal law that protects workers who suffer discrimination. This is why if an employee feels is being discriminated, he or she has the right to file a complaint against the employer. Sometimes employees are scared or tired of experiencing discrimination, and as a result they decrease their performance at work. Employees deserve and have the right to being working without fear of being harassed by coworkers, managers or bosses. Sexual orientation discrimination occurs when someone is treated differently and is denied of certain benefits because of its sexual
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