Discrimination And Discrimination Essay

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In America, minority groups are not given the same prillages as white Americans. For this paper, I will limit myself to writing about African Americans in order to be more specific. The African American community faces many cases of discrimination and oppression. Despite many Americans refusing to believe that there is racial inequality, it still exists. Only when awareness spread, can we come together to change the inequality and injustice between races. Racism in America against African Americans is an identity conflict because this is purely hate or oppression of another race. Everyone is part of a race and identifies some way racially. To hate one race, is to hate one key part of a person’s identity without even knowing them. Racism is completely unjustified. There is no valid reason to hate a group of people for their race. This situation can cause violence easily, because the group being discriminated against feel personally attacked, because whatever race you are is a part of you, this makes it easy to feel defensive and angry. On the other side, when you hate another group of people and you grow up thinking this way, when some conflict occurs with one of the people involved in the group you feel you are above, it’s easy to act on these thoughts of hate that you’ve grown up around or believing. An example of the two sides colliding is the Charlottesville Protests. In August of this year, White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis marched through Charlottesville. The

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