Discrimination And Diversity

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Discrimination comes in many forms. Discrimination and diversity are closely linked considering the reasons behind discrimination are what makes up the definition of diversity. Not only is discrimination made against gender, race, and religion, but it is also made of age, disabilities, appearance and in a lot of cases, women who are pregnant too. This is very much a reality for many employers. There are laws protecting acts of discrimination. This topic is so sensitive, that many employers implement diversity and discrimination into their mission statements. Many companies make it their practice to host training sessions to prevent discrimination from happening, then there are many companies who can’t afford such training for their…show more content…
For instance; my direct boss, the Controller of the hospital, only has an associate’s degree in business. She has been with the company for 40 years and has worked her way up in rank throughout her time there. Within the department that I work, I do not see signs of discrimination based on what I see hired in on a regular basis and the already existing employees. We have people of all nationalities (within reason considering the community make-up), women who were pregnant at the time of hire and individuals of all ages and educational backgrounds.
I feel it is important for employers to make diversity and discrimination known within the workplace. Employers need to be aware that there is such thing as implicit discrimination. “This form of discrimination occurs subliminally without an individual necessarily even being aware of it” (Ruthergien, 2016, p. 22). If an employee is not taught what discrimination is, how will they know if they are committing an act of discrimination. Not all acts of discrimination are obvious or common knowledge. Knowledge is power and the more employees know about the topic, the more aware they will be and less likely to make the mistake in discriminating somebody. Employers should have management training that will aid in the prevention of making decisions that may be considered discrimination. “We must be able to invent and reinvent and re-engineer the
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