Discrimination And Diversity : The Challenges And Rewards Of The Workplace Essay

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Discrimination and Diversity: The Challenges and Rewards of the Workplace
David Kiedis
Palm Beach State College

This paper will be one that explores some of the challenges that have made up the workplace. Namely the fact that discrimination of people who are considered different than others in the workplace has been commonplace since the dawn of our great nation. By contrasting discrimination with how diversity can be extremely rewarding for businesses and the employees, it will be possible to see the numerous benefits that have come as a result of diversity in the workplace. By reviewing 10 peer-reviewed articles it will be evident that not all groups (based on gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, handicaps, religion, different socioeconomic levels) have been treated equal over time and some are still fighting for basic rights within the workplace. By better understanding the differences that people have with each other, it will be easier to be more inclusive with a more diverse workplace and see the benefits and rewards that come along with it. Hopefully, the more those in the workforce embrace diversity, discrimination will continue to go away.

Discrimination and Diversity: The Challenges and Rewards of the Workplace
What has recently been more commonplace in regards to higher levels of diversity was not always so. Diversity within the workplace used to be non-existent and the only ones that were able to perform
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