Discrimination And Loss Of Individuality

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Discrimination and Loss of Individuality in America: Synthesis America is often advertised as a country that is free from discrimination— a place full of acceptance and a place where one could just be his or herself without being judged or thought of as an outcast. However, this is not the case. In today’s society, when one thinks about discrimination, one may most-likely think about race or skin color. Although race and skin color are important factors when it comes this issue, there are many other types of discrimination to consider. As a whole, my sources provide multiple views on different types of discrimination such as self-expression, disease, race, and religion. Today, many Americans have to worry about being discriminated against just for simply expressing their individuality. My first source entitled, "Tattoo Prejudice Is Alive and Thriving" is written by Dana Dovey, a reporter for Medical Daily. This article explains the judgement that some Americans have to go through just because they have tattoos and/or piercings. The majority of American society may think that an abundance of tattoos and piercings is unacceptable, but this article views tattoos and piercings as an act of freedom and expression (Dovey 1). In the article, Dovey explains, “Getting a tattoo is a common way for people to express their individuality. But body ink may possibly be too efficient at making you stand out from the crowd, and a new study reveals that tattooed individuals still feel
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