Discrimination And Prejudice : Discrimination

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Kendrah Lopez
CS – 420
12 Sep. 2017
Discrimination and Prejudice
Discrimination and Prejudice
I chose discrimination and prejudice for my multicultural paper, because I feel that discrimination and prejudice is the main reason for all the hate in the world. People are discriminated against because of reasons such as race, ethnicity, religion, looks, sex, sexual orientation, class, and other ridiculous reasons. I feel that if discrimination could be eradicated, then this world would be a peaceful place to live. Discrimination has been plaguing this world since the beginning of time. I am sure there was prejudice as Homo sapiens started interbreeding with Neanderthals. I could picture Homo sapiens parents telling their children to stay
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The Star-Belly Sneetches thought of themselves as superior to the Plain-Belly Sneetches. Dr. Seuss demonstrates this behavior by writing how they would not allow their children to play with the Plain-Belly class, they would not invite them to their “frankfurter roasts or picnics or parties or marshmallow toasts,” or be allowed in their social circles. After years of this behavior the Plain-Belly Sneetches started to believe that they were less than the Star-Belly Sneetches. Because of this, when Sylvester McMonkey McBean provided an opportunity for the Plain-Belly Sneetches to have stars too, they jumped at the chance, despite the financial and emotional cost. This is a sad truth today; I believe that people all over attempt to mask their identities in order to fit in better with others, especially kids. Another reason I chose this story for my multicultural lesson is because the Sneetches at the end of the story learned their lesson that, “Sneetches are Sneetches. And no kind of Sneetch is the best on the beaches.” This moral is what I plan to teach my students, that no matter their race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, disabilities, or looks no one is better than anyone else or deserves to be treated differently than anyone else.
After reading The Sneetches out loud to the class, I will start a class discussion and ask the students a few questions to get them thinking about the
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