Discrimination And Quality Care Of Patients Essay

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There had been recent studies conducted on physicians for discrimination and quality care of patients but never a study on non-physician healthcare staff. To correct this problem, researchers decided to do a study on the non-physician healthcare staff. This study examined the discrimination of minorities in a healthcare setting from non-physician healthcare staff. There were interviews conducted by race and gender of 55 African Americans and 37 European Americans. As a result, these individuals reported feelings of being discriminated against and having poor communication with non-physician healthcare staff pertaining to two attributes of how they were treated. The attributes were insurance or socioeconomic status and race. The demeanor of the staff in the healthcare setting can cause a negative or positive impact on minority patients perceptions of discrimination and patients satisfaction in a healthcare setting. There should be actions, such as cultural competence and customer service skills taken to correct future possibilities of healthcare discrimination. (Tajeu, Cherrington, Andreae, Prince, Holt, & Halanych, 2015). Research Paper on “Discrimination against Minority Patients in a Healthcare Setting” We have all heard of different types of discrimination. Discrimination is described as someone being prejudice against a specific group of people based on their race. I chose to talk about discrimination against a certain group of people in healthcare settings.
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