Discrimination And Racial Discrimination During The Civil Rights Movement

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In American history, discrimination of blacks has played a predominant role in our society. Although there have been major steps taken in the right direction against discrimination since the Civil Rights Movements, today, there are still forms of less violent discrimination and many barriers for middle-class black Americans. Discrimination is identified as, “actions or practices carried out by members of dominant racial or ethnic groups that have a differential and negative impact on members of subordinate racial and ethnic groups” (Feagin and Eckberg 1980, pp. 1-2). Although traditional discrimination has decreased throughout our country’s history, other forms have prevailed. Focusing on whites targeting middle-class blacks, this article emphasizes a few key areas within the subject from both sides of the spectrum. There are many ways discrimination plays out for the benefactor and receiver. The author defines the middle-class blacks as people with white-collar jobs, college students preparing for a similar professions and business owners. Through the data collected, responses to discrimination and the various personal anecdotes, my personal awareness of discrimination in today’s society has been broadened to a greater understanding and a sense of empathy. Many studies have been conducted to retain data about discrimination among various groups such as the black middle-class and higher ups in large cities. This interview in particular of thirty seven people in the

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