Discrimination And Racism Against People Of Color Essay

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People of color often struggle living in a country that has look down upon them, has degraded them, and have discriminated them. With technology advancing to the point we can now record or take a pictures of something at any given moment. And with the news media that gets news out in the open faster than ever and social media that allow us to upload things in seconds, it has come to light several videos and pictures that shows the discrimination and racism against people of color. Videos such as a school bus driver who wouldn’t let a Latino student speak Spanish because according to her, she does not need to learn Spanish because American is an English speaking country. Another video of a driver calling another driver derogatory terms such as “terrorist” and “loser.” And then the driver stated to the other driver that now that the candidate Trump has won presidency, the other driver doesn’t have to worry because he will be deported soon. However, news and videos surfacing of black people being gun down by authorities or by just people who assumed that due to their skin tone, their often automatically put in the “danger list.” This images and videos have cause an uproar in most of the black community. The black community decided in order fight racism and the oppression of not just black people, but people of color, they needed formed the Black Lives Matter movement. The Black Lives Matter movement wants to put a stop to. Although recently it has come to light of the

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