Discrimination And The Differential Quality Of Medical Care

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Discrimination and the differential quality of medical care African-Americans receive are seen in all levels of professional healthcare workers. Many studies show that African-Americans face lesser quality and differential treatment whether these patients are in the Emergency Department, or seen by different health care professionals, such as registered nurses and surgical clinicians. Decreased communication in maternity care has negatively impacted African-American. The accumulation of racial biases reflects societal norms and the increase of communication barriers between health care providers and African-American patients. Thus, educating current and future healthcare workers in the UC Davis Health System can successfully decrease the racial disparities that are seen throughout medical care.
In all aspects of health care African-Americans face the lowest quality. There are many facets that can cause differential health care quality, such as discrimination, racial implicit bias, and the lack of communication from these health care professionals. These factors lead to differential treatments and the increase of mistrust between African-American patients and health care providers. Ultimately, it results in increases of mistreatment and additional health diseases prevalent in African-Americans, such as cardiovascular responses, poor mental health, and hypertension (cite). It is necessary to improve all aspects of medical care. The most effective way is to be…
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