Discrimination Based On The Way People Look, Or Perceived By Others

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Lookism is discrimination based on the way people look, or perceived by others. No one should ever have to face being discriminated based on how they chose to style their hair, their body type or the type of clothes they wear. In order to be able to understand lookism, it will be defined, given a brief history of why it exists, discuss specific cases of its impact, and will offer a solution to decreasing or eliminating lookism; moreover, will show examples of how the media expects people to look a certain way. Lookism is a form of discrimination and is the concept of judging people by their physical attractiveness and the enhanced treatment given to those who are more physically attractive. In psychology today by Ray Williams, who has written in many publications and his work focuses on the workplace issues of leadership, organization, employee motivation and engagement, productivity and relationships. In his writing, it states, “People who are physically attractive will have a better chance of keeping and finding a job, and securing credit than less attractive people... which creates legal issues, he says, for less attractive people tend to sue for compensation for potential loss of earnings” (psychology today). This quote is relevant because, it shows that people automatically categorize others for their outward appearance, before having a chance to evaluate their character and personality.
Stereotypes say that attractive people must be of more of importance and that…
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