Discrimination : Discrimination And Discrimination

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Discrimination is the concept of treating someone unfairly due to a specific prejudice you have toward them, as stated by Pincus (2006) on distinguishing the two “prejudice is what people think and discrimination is what people do”[1] thus to discriminate a child would be to act upon your feeling toward them. Within practice this could be shown through singling out a child due to their race, religion, disability and/or gender etc., such behaviours are not condoned nor allowed within the education sector or the law. One of the largest groups discriminated against within this area are ethnic minorities (racism), in particular black children.
Children are likely to face discrimination in comparison to adults because of their dependence and trust in adults. This is a major concern within the vocation area of children and young people as one of the most significant attributes of the sector is to maintain and provide a safe and welcoming environment whilst creating a trustworthy bond with each child/young person.

Within British society there is the constant inevitability from racism throughout British history that can lead us to what are thought of as traditional viewpoints toward black people. Although nowadays, there are particular laws and enforcements in place such as The Equality Act (2010) which came into place through combining the already existing pieces of legislation: Sex Discrimination Act (1975), Race Relations Act (1976) and Disability Discrimination Act (1995) as
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