Discrimination : Discrimination And Discrimination Essay

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Discrimination is an ongoing issue that many individuals experience daily. It affects a numerous amount of diverse beings in a multitude of circumstances and locations. One’s race is not the only presiding factor in being victim to discrimination, often times it can be an individual’s gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, personal values, and cultural background. Discrimination is not just about being discriminated against but sometimes it can be an unintentional maltreatment of one different from ourselves. In some instances an individual may find themselves being the victim of discrimination or the perpetrator. It is imperative to be able to recognize the different roles of discrimination. Discrimination can occur consciously or subconsciously with our attitudes, by our behaviors and often times with the stereotypes and perspectives that we may place on others who are dissimilar from us. (Ashford, J.B., Lecroy C.W., & Lortie, K.L. 2013) defined discrimination as the application of prejudice or bias to a person based on particular characteristics, such as physical or cultural traits. Most individuals can relate to being a victim of some sort of discrimination at some point in their lives. A clear indicator that an individual may feel when being discriminated against in the moment, is that the treatment that they are receiving rather it is from a person, a group, or an institution is undeserved. The reasoning as to why discrimination occurs can vary based on the
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