Discrimination Effects On Society

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To treat another person unfairly by judging them due to their appearance, how they act, who they are or even how they smell is how it becomes a part of everyday life, and that's what we call discrimination. Discrimination is an issue that almost everyone is a part of; whether it be age, race, religion, gender or any person different than another, everyone has an opinion and everyone discriminates. Many in the United States do not like to bring up the topic or words concerning it because of how the past has been affected and how it could now affect the outcome of the future.
Although it is illegal to discriminate, it is still very much going on and there is an overwhelming amount of it in the US, my goal in this paper is to prove that discrimination is still very prevalent and explain how it effects the US society and tie it into the video ("Invisible" 2015).
As stated before discrimination has become a part of everyday life in today's society and whether it’s intentional or not, people have always discriminated against each other. There has been a fight against discrimination that's been going on for many years now and even now when laws state that it is illegal to discriminate for age, disability, origin, being pregnant, race, color, religion, sex, etc. (US Gov. "Discrimination by Type"). It is still a very prevalent issue and we must know the different types of discrimination that exists, and what causes it, so we can further prove it exists in today’s society.
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