Discrimination Exposed in I Want to Buy a Vowel by John Welter

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What is the American dream? For everyone, it is different. The old lady walking

across the street may dream of getting a new house. The rich man with a big house might

dream that he will find a true love. For the Chinese child at school, maybe it is just to fit

in with society. There are many things holding people back from their dreams, such as

family, age, or culture, their general lifestyle. This story is about an immigrant looking to

achieve his dream, but is held back for many reasons. Also, a white man looking to

terrorize a town has the dream of being powerful. In his novel, I Want to Buy a Vowel,

John Welter demonstrates that the road to the American dream is paved differently for

people due to
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This is what he expected to happen to him instantly as he came to

America, to receive a house and a car, and money. He finds an abandoned house in the

woods and decides to live there. There is nothing in it, so he tries to "imagine a happy

family who used to live there - two parents, and maybe three of four children, with nice

furniture and beds and curtains on the windows and good meals cooked every day in the

kitchen." (80). He is very disappointed that it wasn't what had happened to him,

because his dream is to be the stereotypical American. For Kenlow Schindler, a white

man born a citizen of the United States, life is easy and that easiness makes it boring. He

decides to vandalize a barn to spice up his life and become a criminal. He draws a

pentagram on the ground in the barn,and within two days the whole town is paranoid that

Satan is coming. Kenlow, however, doesn't want to get his hands dirty, and puts Vienna

Sausages in the middle of another pentagram to pretend it was a satanic ritual that had

taken place. "That was the value of grocery stores, someone kills the animal and

packages it for you" ( ). He doesn't have to do very much to do to pretend to be a satanist,

he simply goes to the grocery store and buys uncooked meat, and people think it is Satan's

work. Alfredo dreams to have

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