Discrimination For Being A Felon

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Discrimination for being a felon causes homelessness
A problem I have noticed in my community is homelessness. A portion of the homeless is due to being unable to rent a house because of having a criminal history. According to the Pierce County Homeless Point-in-Time Report there were 1526 cases of homelessness reported in the county this does not count the induvial people it is measured by head of households. 73% of those cases reported that the head of house hold had a criminal history.
That is a large amount of people, including whole families that are homeless over this matter. These people are living in shelters or with friends and family because they are unable to rent their own place. This is all because they have a criminal record, and now the record is being used to judge and discriminate against. One would think this would fall under the fair housing act. Sadly you couldn’t be more wrong in fact Robert Wise said “To give felons the protection of the Fair Housing Act protects them from the consequences of their own conduct. No such protection is presently afforded to anyone by the fair Housing Act”. And he couldn’t be more wrong it’s not protection against the consequence of the action, its giving someone an even playing field, it’s allowing a person to obtain a home for their family, and have dignity. And let me add some more madness to this already un-just issue, most of these people have jobs, and can afford to rent and pay utilities, but yet they find…
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