Discrimination Imposed Upon Minority Groups Throughout History

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The process of overcoming the significance and intensity of discrimination imposed upon minority groups throughout history, is undeniably a strenuous and elongated one; once the impact and magnitude of centuries of persecution and the depth of illegitimacy that is ingrained within the structures and beliefs of the state and those who are fortunate enough to have its protection; are considered. As background for this essay, it is important to acknowledge the various dimensions of discrimination and marginalisation, including the power of the state, that operate to invalidate a group or class within society. The prevalence of heteronormativity within the global community has been a dominant and commanding principle, regardless of the…show more content…
An emphasis must be placed upon the fact that although the legislation legalising homosexual marriage and the recognition of suppression against minority groups are indeed monumentally progressive towards a society which does not solely benefit heteronormativity; it will not be the final obstacle that must be overcome before we achieve equality between sexual differences and orientations. The development towards equality that has been made until the general present stance, has been gradual and filled with debate regarding morality, religion, legislation and human rights. The last major advancement to improve homosexual rights was the decriminalisation of practicing homosexuality itself - one that only occurred in Tasmania in 1997, the last of Australia 's states to do so. The reasoning behind the illegality of homosexuality was established on multiple, passionately argued, reasons; such as to aid in the prevention and spread of AIDS/HIV and the basic interpretations of its ' immorality. However, through the indignation and widespread attention that this issue gained, and through Nicholas Toonen, an Australian activist for the rights of homosexuals, the necessary changes and amendments to Australia 's legislation were made, (Toonen v Australia, 1994). Following the decriminalisation of homosexuality around the majority of the world, the next significant issue has
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