Discrimination In Maya Essay

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“Levels of discrimination against girls and the indigenous populations in Guatemala are so high that native girls experience four times more discrimination than non-native males.” (Sanghee and Youngran 132). The United Nation’s role in helping alleviate this discrimination is by providing children access to education through the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). UNICEF efforts in the Maya populations of Guatemala cannot go unnoticed through its facilitation of multilateral engagement between non-governmental organizations and local community organizations. UNICEF has worked alongside, assisting “Programa Maya” in “...areas with significantly large indigenous populations as well as poverty...” which has persevered “ cooperation with the Ministry of Education in Guatemala, the Norwegian government, UNHCR, and UNDP” (Sanghee and Youngran 137).…show more content…
These efforts are not only felt in Maya communities, but in indigenous populations all over the world. Evidence of this can be felt by the new zeitgeist that propelled indigenous communities to demand recognition of rights which, after an arduous battle, materialized in the form of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (Oldham 9).

The Declaration that many years ago, civil society members and indigenous communities could only dream of being recognized, the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, is a hallmark of the evolving world order towards human rights recognition. One metric in which one can measure the progress and effectiveness of the United Nations, is in its capacity to
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