Discrimination In Military

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Being a United States Army wife, I can validate the regulatory methods in which the Army enforces to ensure fair and equitable treatment for all service members. As a government agency, compliance is heavily monitored and resources are readily available for those who encounter discrimination. Gender, especially of women, is one of the most common forms of discrimination when determining promotional rank, participating in combat missions, and employment opportunities with salaries comparable to men (Rogers, 1990). The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) is designed to assist those who serve in the military, an opportunity to reintegrate back into civilian work and remain attached to the workforce (Karin, 2016). This law also provides protection from discrimination due to serving the military, and dismissing service members without a justifiable cause within a predetermined period of time, in which is typically 180 days (Karin, 2016). Returning to civility in itself can be traumatic for service members, and adding the barrier of discrimination causes even more harm. There are also laws that allow preference to veterans for admission to college and employment opportunities, to assist with the transition. These laws are an effort to ensure that veterans do not encounter discrimination when returning to civility. Also, due to limitations on utilizing education benefits within a specified timeframe, veterans risk losing benefits earned while sacrificing their lives for our country.

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