Discrimination In Night By Elie Wiesel

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In 1940 , Hungary annexed sighet and the wiesel’s were among the jewish families and forced to live in the ghettos.May 1944,Nazi Germany with the Hungary’s agreement, forced jews living in Sighet to be deported to Auschwitz concentration camp. At the age of Fifteen Wiesel’s family were sent to Auschwitz as part of the holocaust, which took the lives of more than 6 million jews. Wiesel’s family was affected during the holocaust, all jews were forced to have their heads shaved and a number tattooed on their heads after all the men left the barber they were all standing around naked finding acquaintances and old friends, they are joyful at finding each other still alive. Elie Wiesel’s Night highlights the overarching issues of discrimination toward the Jews as they are forced to abandon their lives and face a death that consumer their existence, relationships and faith. Eliezer was whipped after being caught watching his supervisor having sex with a young polish girl knowing that he moved all the prisoners to a different building for a specific reason Eliezer bursts out laughing and later on receives twenty-five strokes of the whip from Idek in front of everyone. Eliezer faints and loses control of his muscles and is threatened by Idek never to tell anyone what he saw. Elie Wiesel’s book was based on the holocaust and how people were killed and affected by the holocaust. Anne frank’s Diary was also a story based on the holocaust and how people were killed and affected in Anne
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