Discrimination In The Color Purple

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The novel ‘The Color Purple’ by Alice Walker takes back to 1982 and the life of two women, Nettie and Celie, facing discrimination for being women. Abused and impregnated by her father Celie been separated from her children was married off to a man named Albert who parted her away from sister. Separated from her sister, Nettie traveled to educate herself and take advantage of the sacrifices her sister Celie has made for her and as well to bring back her sister's children. These two sisters have gone through discrimination of their gender to be able to meet one another once more. Women in the novel “The Color Purple” had little to no freedom or success which is different to women’s lives today, women have grown from the old ways in three ways,…show more content…
They were judged for their looks which influenced whether or not their believe she could be successful, "Pa say. Nettie the clever one in this bunch. But Pa, Nettie say, crying, Celie smart too. Even Miss Beasley say so. [...] Nettie still don't understand. I don't neither. All us notice is I'm all the time sick and fat." (The Color Purple, Alice Walker). Many people like Celie had experienced the same treatment and the same concept that’s based on there look would and will determine whether or not they could attend school. Now in days there are laws that were created since 1972 and now are taken serious in every state by the government that, “The Education Amendments prohibits sex discrimination in all aspects of education programs that receives federal support.” (National Women’s History Project, Oct. 26) There is now laws that allow women to go to school and learn without being discriminated against for being women whose traits matter more than how successful she could become. over the years women have proven themselves and everyone around them that they can do the same work as a man or even better. Although no matter what there can be men and even women who do not see the same potential for both sexes, making statements like these once “Wives is like children. You have to let’em know who got the upper hand.” (The Color Purple, Alice Walker)
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