Discrimination In The Workplace Essay

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Assignment 1: Discrimination in the Workplace

Workplace diversity is beneficial in many ways and on a variety of levels. When a workforce is comprised by people of different races, religions, genders, cultural origins, and sexual orientations, this allows a company to draw from the experience and knowledge that may be unique to each group, widening its frame of reference. Additionally, in terms of recruitment, this ‘widening of the net’ goes to insuring that the company appeals to more individuals and increases the likelihood that the company has opportunity to hire the most qualified individuals. For example, someone who may excel at a job but has a disability, may just need extra assistance. If a company does not provide this
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Discrimination based on race, religion, gender, lifestyle, sexual orientation and disability has lessened but continues to be an issue despite societal standards and government regulations. The importance of insuring that employees are protected against discrimination and have access to assistance when they feels they have been discriminated against lead to the of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in 1965. In the past 50 years, the EEOC’s services have continued to expand to include a wider group of those most prone to being victim’s of discrimination. They EEOC has also been forced to continually adapt to advances in technology and communication that have substantially increased the ways in which acts of discrimination can be committed.

While the government – through the EEOC – has spent considerable effort educating employers and employees on their expectations for recruitment and hiring of multiple cultures, religions, abilities and lifestyles and has set forth laws and clear guidelines on what constitutes discrimination and the reprocussions that come from violating those standards, the human element makes it nearly impossible to eliminate discrimination entirely.
For that reason, the EEOC spends a vast amount of time and significant resources fielding, investigating and policing workplace discrimination claims and in mediating those they feel have merit.
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