Discrimination Is A Big Social Problem

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Discrimination remains widespread, types of discrimination exist from gender to workplace. In some cases, people are still treated as second-class citizens, lacking basic rights and suffering violence and many kinds of disadvantages. Discrimination is a big social problem that needs to be addressed. In this memo, our group will clearly define current social issues such as sexual discrimination and racial discrimination, deeply analyze these two issues, and provide specific solutions for managers and organizations to effectively manage diversity. At the end, we will make a conclusion of the memo and offer a recommendation to tackle discrimination. Issues The main issue is that discrimination still exists in today’s society. There are still many people who have been treated unfairly, and they do not get what they are supposed to get in their companies and organizations. Many companies are settling class-action discrimination lawsuits to the tune of millions of dollars every year. Discrimination can result in significant legal and financial consequences to companies. In addition to legal and financial consequences of discrimination lawsuits, these companies have to take some actions as part of the settlement. Discrimination lawsuits also have a great impact on company 's’ reputation. There are many different discriminations lawsuits that different companies are settling. One big issue of discrimination in many companies and organizations is sexual discrimination. Although
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