Discrimination Is Still Very Much Alive

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"He 's capable of more than just transferring the residents to their rooms! He can take care of anyone just as well as you can!" screamed my teacher to the head nurse. I was in a nursing program that only accepted ten students, only one was a guy. We trained in a nursing home and had to feed, change, and bathe the residents. He was assigned to assist a male nurse who was only allowed to help the residents move because he was the only "strong" one of the group. Apparently he wasn 't gentle or caring enough to help with anything else. He missed out on the learning experience that this program was suppose to give him. This was the first time I 've witnessed discrimination in the workplace. I was completely disgusted to say the least. I realized that discrimination is still very much alive and it doesn 't only affect women, but men too. I grew up to my mother telling me about the many times she was treated badly for being a Hispanic working woman, so typically when I hear about discrimination I think of race or gender. I think most people assume the same thing. When in reality it 's much broader than that. Job discrimination is when someone is being treated unequally as everyone else because of their race, sexual orientation, religion, disability or even age. Although African American women are mostly the ones mistreated, that doesn 't exclude that fact that men and people of all races are too. It 's no secret women face the most discrimination. Not necessarily
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