Discrimination Issues In China And The United States

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China and America, these two super couturiers, pay a lot of attention to discrimination issues. Both of them public laws to prohibit this serious social issue, they ashore the same ideas on the areas of equality of ability and disability man, gender problems, age discrimination, physiological defect discrimination(physiological defect include employer too tall or tall short to be employed, employer too handsome or too ugly to be employed…), location discrimination (employers come from Texas, therefore they do to want them) and also medical discrimination (Employers are too ill to be employed). Both of them also pay attain to the discrimination of peoples, however their limitations are different. For America, different peoples mean people from different countries, but in china respect different peoples also mean respect everyone in China, because there are 56 peoples in China. There is one special item in China that America did not include is identity…show more content…
In China, people have different ideas about country and city, normally, people form country means they are lack of education and they behave rude to others, and people from country and city have different identity
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