Discrimination Of The North And African American

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Shane Rigsby R.
History 313 - Prof Gorman
Discrimination in the north (African American) One of the most dramatic demographic events that had a significant change in America would be the Great Migration. It had to do with the moving of 6 million of African American from the southern hemisphere of the united states to the northern hemisphere around the time of the 20th century. To better explain this event in American history it would be best to start with the chain of events that caused it in the first place. That starting point would have to be the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863. This was an announcement that was laid out to say that if any state if not by the start of the 1863 that is in rebellion would have all there slaves declared free if they did not reunite back with America. Abraham Lincoln, being the president at this time, pushed this through because would have hurt and reduce the South’s capacity to start a war by encouraging and threatening that their slaves would leave the southern lines and come to America’s. Once the slave would come and join America they would be enlisted into the army and fight against the south. This defiantly was the most important and first act done to help Africans in America because it helped bring up the idea of freed slaves, but this was only done as a war measure because slave was at that time very essential to the South’s war effort and did not have helping and freeing slaves as the main idea. This announcement did not…
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