Discrimination On International Students Resulting From Ethnic Stereotypes

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Discrimination on international Students resulting from ethnic stereotypes. The United States of America in the eyes of the world is a place full of dreams, full of hope and a place where civil liberties are being uphold. People of all different background, different social and financial status flock to America for various reason. Some people come to America to escape religious and political persecutions; some come to escape the horrors of war; some come to find a better life for their family; and many more will come for a better education. From the depictions of Hollywood, pop-cultural and the tiny sections that are shown on the media, the world sees the American educational system as the best in the world. With diverse student population, friendly faculty and staff, the latest technology, and the most resources available to its student, America is the place to study. International students with full excitement pack their suitcases and say goodbye to their families; however what lies ahead of them is not the glamor that the media portrays, but rather harsh discrimination that comes from negative stereotypes await them.
International Students of all age from around the world come to study in America each year. Though campuses of different education level have become more diverse over the years, cultural stereotypes are still very active in society. First, not all international student are the same, they are not a same group of people. Though they relate in being…
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