Discrimination On The Workplace And Can Result On Psychological Trauma

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For centuries, society has been shaped following a structure that might have slightly changed over time, however not in a radical way. As stated by Giddens, structure could be defined by a set of rules, laws and resources that societies follow, by producing and reproducing social practices.

Women’s voice in the structure has variated from being nearly insignificant to consequent, indeed they represent half of the workforce worldwide in 2011.**

However, gender inequalities persists with a gender pay gap of 18% in the UK and 39% in Korea in 2010 *2 – a pay gap that would not close until 2095, according to the World Economic Forum. This unequal power relations between sexes is the result of sexism, discrimination on the workplace and can result on psychological trauma. *4.

A point to take into consideration when analyzing the structure is how do people that do not fit in it, can survive into modern society? And how does the political context a cause of exclusion of the structure, which could result on body suffering and trauma?
Today, most individuals are considered as consumers. However, some consumers cannot afford first aids services have to live infected, which can be fatal for some. These consumers feel insulate and marginalized by the society they live in, which leads them to commit illegal practices to be able to subsist to their essential needs.

A good illustration of this approach is the living conditions of some women in the United States.
The structural…
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