Discrimination Practices Prevading the Nursery Setting in the Hospitals

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The result of this level of discrimination is that the public health sector may fail to look into the needs of the special groups (Williams, 2011). In as much as the health and social care system tries to represent all the people and adhere to the general principles of justice, the acts of discrimination still persist in the society leading to the creation of wrong opinions towards the equality in the medical care sector. The most common targets of discrimination in the medical setting included the minority racial groups and the disabled (Cribb, 2005). The paper will look at the discrimination practices that pervade the nursery setting in the hospitals. In the common health and social care system, the workers have ethical guidelines that they have to follow. The common ethical considerations include the equality tenet. According to this tenet, all the patients in the healthcare facility have to be accorded treatment and care regardless of their faith. The patient is a patient regardless of the race and social affiliation. The other ethical consideration is the right that the patients have to emergency treatment regardless of the reservations that they have concerning the cause of the emergency or the…
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