Discrimination, Prejudice And Racism In Montgomery, Alabama

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It was February 1st, 1960 in Montgomery, Alabama. Montgomery was one of the most segregated towns back then. Jacob Jones a 26 year old black man was going to a restaurant to get lunch. Knowing that the restaurant was most likely not going to serve him because of his skin color. When he got there the waitress said to him, “you won’t be served here.” Then the waitress went back to talk to the manager. The manager came out from the back and said very angrily to Jacob, “You aren’t allowed service get out of here!” But Jacob refused to leave saying, “This is my country and I have the same rights as everyone else that’s here.” As he was annoyed with the manager. This made the manager very anger so he threatened to call the police. Jacob didn’t care what happened he was going to sit there until he got food. The manager never actually called the police. But during the day when Jacob was sitting there waiting to be served, people would come over and yell at him or even punch of or hurt him. Jacob was never served that day, but he sat there the whole day until the establishment closed. When he finally went home he had several cuts on his head and several bruises on the rest of his body. Although people were hurting him Jacob believed in nonviolence and never hurt anyone else.…show more content…
This time he was treated differently. People were throwing things at him, such as rocks, broken bottles, and even food. When other people in the town found out about this they came and sat with Jacob so he wouldn't get as beat up. The manager came over to the boy sitting there with Jacob and yelled, ¨Get out of my store!¨ All of the boys jumped out of their seats in fear. But Jacob told them to stay so they did. They all stayed there unless they had to use the restroom. Until finally the day was over each one of them bruised, cut, and
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