Discrimination Research : Law Enforcement

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Calvin Ru Mr. Daniel Roubian English II H Per. 3 2 February 2015 Discrimination Research Paper: Law Enforcement Throughout the country, law enforcement serves to protect the nation and its people. However, throughout the past years, many disturbing cases come up and people question the true authority and power of those who call themselves protectors of justice. Within the past 30 years, four major events have caught the media’s eye: L.A. Riots, the Trayvon Martin case, and recently, the Michael Brown shooting case and the Eric Garner chokehold case. Before the actual riots in downtown Los Angeles occurred, two sub events sparked the initial wave of riots that led to the destruction of over a billion dollar property damage. On April 29,…show more content…
riots. The last straw that would start the riots was the death of Latasha Harlins. Latasha Harlins was a young black girl that tried to shoplift an orange juice from a Korean shop on March 16. The Korean store owner, Soon Ja Du, caught her and had a scuffle with Harlins. Harlins threw the orange juice on the counter and walked away. However, Du pulled out a handgun and shot Harlins in the back of the head. Harlins died instantly. Although Du testified that it was self-defense, all the evidence from the witnesses and security camera proved that Du was under full control and shot Harlins as she was leaving the store. It was also found that the gun was modified to fire with less pressure applied on the trigger. Du was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter, which carried a 16 year jail term. Despite all the evidence, the judge gave Du five years of probation, four hundred hours of community service, and a $500 fine. As the final straw, the L.A. riots began. The riots itself was havoc as it peaked over the next two days after the trial acquitting the five officers, creating $1 billion dollars’ worth of property damage. During the first day, the mobs of black people went to avenge King, To take revenge, a mob of black people pulled a random white truck driver out of his vehicle and beat him severely. This white truck driver’s name was Reginald Denny. Denny crawled back into his truck and was trying to get away but could not remain conscience. A black citizen, Bobby
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