Discrimination : The Beauty Of Society

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Discrimination: Is it in-Built in Human Society or is this Man-Made?
Each time, I try to understand society; I fail miserably to know what it means? Does it make lives of people easier or more difficult? Do we really need to live in society? Despite having said these all when someone would ask me “Can you imagine living alone for your entire life with no family, friends, neighbors or not even a single person?” My answer would be “No”. The chance of survival is greater when we live in group or society because we help each other, even though at times we have differences with each other. This is the beauty of society. But this wonderful concept of living in society also has an extremely ugly side as well. The discrimination as discussed in Kindred novel is omnipresent. The world is said to be progressing towards new generation and believes in global citizenship where equality among the races and gender would exist. But this is thinking of some progressive thinkers and for me this thinking is limited to thoughts alone, it is hypothetical. This is because discrimination holds deep roots to the core of the society. It cannot be uprooted from the minds of all individual because they don’t want to say that their beliefs are wrong and hence are too stubborn to change readily. It takes the time to realize what they had been doing and following for a long time is incorrect.
Discrimination dates back to the beginning of the development of human society. The man is a social being; they
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