Discrimination Towards The Lgbt Community

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Throughout the years, the LGBT community has put forth tremendous effort to gain rights and recognition in the United States. Yet there have been numerous laws that have discriminated and made them feel unequal. LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered. Many people in the community have a hard time accepting who they truly are in terms of sexual orientation or gender identity. Coming out is challenging enough on its own, and laws and regulations that discriminate against those who only wish to live freely can make it hard for them to do so. Living in the time period we do, we have seen many changes in the right direction as far as having equal rights for all, but it has not always been this way. There have been many movements and actions the LGBT community has taken over the years to get to where we are today. There have also been many laws and regulations specifically targeted at same-sex and transgendered individuals, some of which that still apply today. Discrimination towards the LGBT community is not something new. Although today it may seem normal to see two men holding hands walking down the street, forty years ago it was almost unheard of. This is why the Supreme Court case Baker vs. Nelson made headlines. In 1972, the Court ruled that a Minnesota same-sex couple had no constitutional right to marry. This all started when two male University of Minnesota students went to fill out a marriage application form. When the clerk denied the application…
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