Discrimination Towards The Lgbtq Community

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Carolyn Kasper Mrs. Gallos English 3 6 April 2017 Discrimination Towards the LGBTQ Community We as a society are not doing enough to end the discrimination in the LGBTQ ( Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer) community . There is no reason to discriminate someone for what they do behind closed doors and they should keep their negative words and actions to themselves. No one no matter what they believe in should be discriminated against. Just because someone who is attracted to the same sex or is transgender they should not be treated any differently than someone who is attracted to the opposite sex. Discrimination is a problem all around the globe whether it is at home, in the workplace, or just in the street. People of all…show more content…
Although there are few laws that protect the rights of those in the LGBTQ community, ‘"With limited or no federal protections, an LGBT person can get legally married in most states, but then be evicted from an apartment and denied a home loan."’ (Did). There are almost no laws protecting those with a different gender identity than what their birth certificate states. There are actually laws that put those who identify with a different gender than the birth certificate states in danger, The bathroom laws put not only those who struggle with gender identity but, everyone in danger, “they did it by running television ads that demonized transgender women and suggested the ordinance would allow male sex predators entry into women’s rest rooms.” (Everything). Laws like that make it legal for anyone to walk into any public restroom. A grown man can walk into a bathroom with young women strictly because he says he identifies as a women. There are laws that make it legal for a business owner to turn away a customer primarily because they are gay. This law is so that the business owner does not do something that conflicts with their religious beliefs, “health professionals deny services to LGBT people by citing religious objections” (Everything). Couples struggle to find wedding venues and bakeries that will serve them. There are also other laws that make it legal for an employer to fire an employee because they are gay. This is a big part
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