Discrimination Vs Discrimination

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When I was eleven years old, there was one boy who had Autism and was bullied by classmates in my class. One day, the boy was being teased by other boys because of his runny nose. Other classmates made fun of him and he cried. At that time, I could not just stand there looking at it, I told my classmates to stop bullying him. Actually, the situation did not get better and the classmates began to tease me, saying that “Yoojin likes him”. I did not feel bad about what they said because I was doing what I believe right. Later when I was having lunch with my group of friends, one of us said that she also wanted to make the boys stop at that situation but she just did not dare. My classmates including me concluded that the reasons why we have experienced uncomfortable with bullying happening in our class were not only feeling bad for the bullied boy with Autism but also bullying kept the classroom atmosphere very threatening. In our society, there are dominant groups and minority groups. Discriminating against people because of any reason makes the society very coercive and abusive. For me, being an ally is for both an individual who is unfairly oppressed and a mutual admiration society. My history of being an ally that I have mentioned above might not be appropriate enough to represent the situation of social minority and the discriminations. However, that my personal experience has been remained as a learning moment of the importance of small actions for allies in communities.
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