Discrimination and Hate Crimes

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From what I have identified on hate crimes in my research, the top two motivations for hate crimes are based on race and sexual orientation, “In 2010’s FBI report, of the 7,690 reported incidents, 48. 4 percent of the crimes were racially motivated attacks, with sexual orientation bias coming in second at 19.1 percent.” (DL Chandler,2010) Two of the best examples of these crimes are the James Byrd and Mathew Shepard cases in 1998. These crimes prompted the enactment of the Hate Crimes Prevention Act that was signed by President Barack Obama in 2009. Although the crimes are both very horrific and morbid acts in their own right, they were based on different types of hate racial and homophobia. The James Byrd Case was racially motivated …show more content…
Byrd died after his right arm and head were severed after his body hit a culvert. His body had caught a sewage drain on the side of the road, resulting in his decapitation.” (HRC 2014) Police found parts of his body all over that three miles of road the suspects were found shortly after the discovery of his body. CNN reported “All three suspects have prison records, and authorities have said that at least two have the tattoos of white racist prison gangs. Racist literature also was seized from their homes.” (CNN 1998) These two men were John King (King) and Lawrence Brewer (Brewer)and later they were found to be active members of white supremacist groups such as Aryan Pride, KKK. Tattooed on their bodies were riddled with racist and Nazi symbols as well as gang symbols with well known racist gangs. The third guy, Shawn Berry ( Berry), didn't have the racist background and was determined not to be racist in court and because of his cooperation as a witness to the crime was given a lesser sentence. Shawn Berry, was charged with murder and given a life sentence for his part in the murder; Brewer, and King were both tried on capital murder and were sentenced to the death penalty. Brewer died by lethal injection in September of 2011, his last words before his execution were, “I feel no remorse and would do it all over again.” (DL Chandler 2012). King is still exhausting his appeals but is still on death row in Texas.
This case is very

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