Discrimination and Oppression throughout History- Motifs and Reasons

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Literature Discrimination and Oppression throughout History- Motifs and Reasons Discrimination and prejudice has accompanied human civilizations since the beginning. Its accompany has generated unethical, morally wrong ideologies and some of which were put in action. It is effortless to define discrimination as a natural interaction between a superior and an inferior force especially when the superior force is imperialistic. Major discriminations through history share similar factors but also show distinct motifs and reasons for such oppressive and discriminatory actions. This is evident in the books 'The Bronze Bow', and 'Year of Impossible Good Byes' (YIG) 'The Bronze Bow' takes place in…show more content…
But again, this too lacks the amount of reason to comprehend the Romans' discrimination and oppression. In this writer's opinion, there are two elements that generated the Romans' iron-fisted treatment, especially towards the Jews, religion and hatred for a Jewish trait of regarding themselves as the 'chosen race'. The last thing that you can take away from a man is his religious faith. You can take away one's property, dignity, power and wealth but faith is not something that can be extracted with force, This is why the Romans emphasized their influence in religion. The Romans had their own religion and the Roman Emperor was worshipped as a deity.(especially after their death). In consequence, they imposed their religion all over their vast empire. Driven with loyalty and faith, the Romans were especially frustrated and concerned with the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus's growing disciples and followers were a definite threat to their religion, and Christianity was a cancerous growth that needed to be terminated for the Romans. Secondly, not only did The legionaries' loyalty towards this 'God' was indisputable and the teachings of Jesus definitely concerned them. The second element, which is still continued in places around the world, is the dislike of the basic traits of the Jewish race. Since the Roman Era, Jews were regarded as a race that adores money more than anything else. Their extremely high rates and
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