Discrimination in Providing Healhtcare to Elders Essay

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Patch 3 of the study will continue by critically investigating policies targeted at older people’s ability in accessing mental health care services. The substance of the Equality Bill will be researched to gather an insight of its proposal to guild against discrimination of older people; the essay will progress by critiquing the bill and its lack of meeting the objectives of protecting the older people, mostly Black Ethnic Minority to access mental health treatment based on demand rather than age. Finally, the essay will give a critical reflection on the effect of discrimination and stigmatisation of older people, including a brief discussion on how social work professionals can support vulnerable older people with mental health. Evidence…show more content…
Division of the National Standard Framework consent that older people with a mental health condition can assess a quick integrated mental health services provided by the NHS and local authorities; this is to assure that effective diagnosis and treatments are available at all time (Department of Health, 2001, Policy document). Critics of the NSF for older people have argued that, there is a lack of proper funding for service provider development and deficiency of functional indicator to support future investment in older people’s mental services. Although the policies are of good intention to reduce stigmatization and discrimination, however less or little has been achieved on older people’s mental health (Banerjee and Chan, 2008). There is evidence to indicate that despite the impact of various policies to tackle older people’s mental health’s age discrimination and stigmatization; the UK still have a grave problem of senior citizens in obtaining the same degree of quality care as that of younger people in the same state and same communities. Even though, there are guidance, rules and policies to direct healthcare professionals or public bodies required in furnishing services that, age should not be a necessity for senior people to get the best treatments they require. However, inequalities and discrimination both direct

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