Discrimination laws Essay

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Review the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions website, specifically the section regarding laws as they apply to small businesses. Is there anything on this site that surprised you? Why are small businesses treated differently than large businesses? Why would laws differentiate between the two? After viewing the Equal Employment Opportunity Office (EEOC) website, the main thing that surprised me was that businesses that employ less than 15 employees are not covered by the EEOC’s laws. I also see little explanation to why they define 15 employees as a small business and why there is such a large difference between the treatment of small and large businesses, and why they should be lawfully different. There are obviously…show more content…
The same goes for terminating an employee discriminatively for example just based on their age is possible without any implications. The EEOC even sets the employee limit at 20 in cases of age discrimination. There is a safety net in some cases as there may be no EEOC laws but small business also have to comply with state and local anti-discrimination laws. Also to help the EEOC has set up a liaison system to help small business with any discrimination problems or questions regarding EEOC laws. Therefore the main reason the law differentiates between the Small and Large businesses is basically because they are different. The larger companies have the power to diversify their companies workforce, they have the ability and resources to set up a Human resources department helping them to be able to comply fully with EEOC laws. Larger business have a way higher hiring capacity than smaller business and smaller businesses only have a minute hiring budget in regards to the larger businesses. This means that smaller businesses have less employee turnover and do not hire new employees as often, ultimately meaning they have a less diverse employee pool to employ from. I can understand the EEOC exempting businesses with less than 15 employees from discrimination laws, I feel that many of the reasons above make it understandable although I would like to see the reasoning behind the number of employees being 15
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