Discrimination of Women in the Police Force Essay

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Americans think that they have come a long way since a gap of equality between men and women existed. Because of this progress, many people make the assumption that there is no inequality left in the United States and women have the same opportunities as men. Yes, it is true that the American society has come from one of inequality to that one that is more equal. Yes Americans have come a long way, but unfortunately women are still not equal to their male counterparts. This inequality towards women is evident within several different aspects in life, ranging from politics, gender roles, marriage, society as a whole and, especially, women in the Police Force. The history of women in the criminal justice system as police officers has been …show more content…
Alice Wells served and still serves as a role model for all women to fight for what you believe in and never give up. If she had not believed in herself, there would not be any policewomen today. Ignoring the issue will lead to nothing but the continuation of this unfairness and discrimination. It is necessary for voices, like that of Alice Stebbins Wells, to be heard in order for something as controversial as women being in the police force to be achieved.
According to NCJRS, the National Criminal Justice Reference Service, women are severely under-represented in police departments, accounting for only 13.0% of police officers across the country (Bringing a Women's Rights). This gives men the upper hand and a significantly higher ratio than women in this profession. In fact, many individuals to this day continue to discriminate against women police, believing that they serve no purpose in becoming a police officer; however, the question should not be "Why do people discriminate against policewomen," but rather "Where did their discrimination come from?" The answer is simple: society. Family, peers, media, and one’s thoughts and ideas influence a persons’ perspective (or outlook). It’s legitimate to assume that one of the major impacts on an individual’s ideas is the media. Television, radio, magazines, and newspapers
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