Discrimination on Women: Fight for Equality

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Years have passed since Berkeley was a place that was governed by the male stereotype whereby close to everything was done from a male perspective. Gender discrimination in this age and era has been at an all time low but there are those people who do not wish to accept that we are all equal. There have been attempts to change the idea that some people have of the way that women or the female gender should be treated but they have seemed to be futile. This paper shall discuss the inequality that occurs by gender and its relation to some of the things that have happened in the past.
In the time when people were more focused on the gender of a person, there was a lot of disparity in the way that they treated each other. Men were held more
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There may have been a reduced sense of feminism but the fact that fewer people are more willing to think of ladies as important has resulted in fewer women being courageous enough to venture into politics (Rudman, Laurie, & Peter 2001). The government process is seen as one that is not meant for women who are seen to be motherly and that they cannot make the hard decisions that are needed to be made for the greater good of the country and thus, if they venture into the government, they will be given jobs that are not as dependant on them as their male counterparts would be. Women are seen o be more emotional and thus believed that their judgment could be biased due to their emotional state. The fact that ladies are looked down upon may result in there being a sense of low self-esteem and this is something that plagues many women forcing them to take menial jobs that they are over-qualified for. Women and the female gender are seen as people that do not need to be given too much work and they should be handled with care for they are women. However, according to sociologist Allie Hochschild, the women that were given jobs in high ranking positions were still not recognized for their efforts and were even paid less than the people that worked under them (Hochschild, and Machung 67).
In the family, the lady is seen as the person that should be more involved in the catering of the family by taking care of the children and the family needs whereas

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