Discriminative Stimulus Control

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Discriminative stimuli and stimulus control are something that all behaviors use. For example, when driving and you come across a stop sign at an intersection. The stop sign is the discriminative stimulus in this scenario. This is because it increases the probability of the “braking behavior” of occurring.

In an article by B.F Skinner (1933) he explains the idea of abolishing a discrimination and the difference between the different stimuli. This experiment was created based off of his article. In the article Skinner explains how the two stimuli S1 and S2 elicit the same response but their properties both show some similarities as well as a few differences. There is one stimulus that is being reinforced while the other is being extinguished. In our previous experiment we were rewarding the subject for completing the desired behavior (lever pressing) while the light was turned off. However, such as Skinner suggest in his article (1933) we extinguished the old behavior which was lever pressing with the light off and began to reinforce the
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In an article by Saunders and Williams (1998), they define stimulus control as any difference shown in responding during the presence of different stimuli. The article also expresses how all of the behavior that we perform in our daily lives involve stimulus control. It is said that the analysis of current stimulus control as well as the analysis of the development and stimulus control relations are essential to understand all human behavior that is normal or abnormal. Stimulus control is shown to be a big part of experimental psychology including the concepts of: memory, learning and sensory processes. Like stimulus control, all of these concepts involve the differences in responding in the absence and presence of a stimuli . Also, it is shown that stimulus-control procedures are used to create behavioral baselines when studying the effects of
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