Discriptive Essay(Cheer Phi)

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When entering college many students have fantasies of joining Greek organizations and other groups that are meant to encourage unity among people that share a common interest. One being that in the world of colligate cheerleading, holds a “mock” sorority, named Cheer Phi. Cheer Phi makes naïve cheerleaders believe it represents the true essence of sisterhood, team work and leadership every quality a great cheerleading squad holds. However, in reality despite a spectator’s point of view so far my opinion opposes those values indefinitely.
Starting from the introduction to the relationships currently held with the fellow cheer squad; also known as cheer try-outs. My enthusiasm for wanting to be a CAU panther cheerleader curved my ability
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As if I had unconsciously alienated myself from the squad. But no matter what I did I couldn’t shake the quasi -mental abuse that I had endured from cheer phi earlier on. No one likes to feel like the black sheep. But being a rebel was embedded in my DNA since birth. After all the separation, stress, and burdens of my financial obligations. I had contemplated quitting the team. I figured that if I didn’t want to be a part of cheer phi and if I couldn’t afford being on the team then why bother. One of the cheer phi members overheard me discussing my plan to the coach .I immediately got defensive and was silent the whole practice thinking that they were happy that I was leaving.
The next day I arrived to practice on time only to find all the members were there already. I assumed that they were conducting cheer phi business. Practice went on as usual with me letting my mind hover over my body as if I was watching a flashback of my life. When practice ended we huddled up and chanted the words we always do.”I believe in myself, I believe my squad with that we shall succeed”. Before we dispersed the paused and everyone looked at me, all of a sudden the squad turned towards me and the captain handed me a white envelope. I thought it was some sort of joke. I was conjugating me reactions in my head. I opened the enveloped. My vision quickly became as foggy as a glass window in a steam room and my chilled face was accompanied with warm

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