Discursive Essay On Abortion

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Abortion can be defined as the deliberate termination of pregnancy. It may be performed from the beginning of pregnancy and up to the third trimester, around the twenty-eighth week of gestation. Society usually has different feelings and views on abortion. Some people believe that abortion should be legal and that women should be given a chance to make that decision without being judged. However, some people view abortion as a form of murder and argue that it should be illegal. Similarly, others believe that the decision on abortion should be left to the family, doctor and the government. Those who against abortion also think that the clinics providing given procedure should be closed down to discourage people from having an abortion. Anyway, I believe that all women should be allowed to make this decision for them since the pregnancy involves their body and life.
Abortion is one of the health care decisions that women all over the world should have right to make. They feel that despite their professional and academic achievements, they can never be equal to men if they do not have reproductive control (Manninen et al pg.40). Due to this, socialists support that women should have the right to control their bodies without
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However, most decisions made by doctors are at times influenced by their personal, moral and social attitudes rather than medical considerations (Manninenet al pg.35). Since doctors are pro-life, they would fight over saving the fetus without taking into consideration any other circumstances that woman can be concerned of. Thus, it would be more appropriate to allow woman to make the decision on abortion based on her moral beliefs and personal situation. The woman should not be forced by her doctors or anyone else to do what she does not want as this violates her human rights. No one else knows what is best for the woman than
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