Discursive Practices and Gendered Reflections of Its Use

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The first one deals with the background to the study where a classification of research studies is done in terms of the way that language and discourse have been researched. The second part reflects the issue of gender in applied linguistics. The third tackles some key conceptualizations of literacy in terms of the research study. The fourth aims to explain how writing is undertaken to fulfill a brief description of the basis that underlies the study. Within it, it is explained the write-to-learn perspective that is the scope of the investigation.
Background to the study
Bucholtz (2003) asserts that discourse is language in context. Discourse enables establishing the existing relationship between language and gender within a given context. Then, discourse becomes the materialization of such a relationship. That is why discourse analysis has become one of the most outstanding methodologies to unravel gender issues within the EFL classroom.
The foci of these studies have been the way the discursive practices are used and what gendered reflections this use shows. Some of these studies stress discourse as an anthropological tradition (Bucholtz, 2003). This point of view highlights how language is used in the cultural practices of the human beings. It also cares for the existing differences between men and women; but most importantly the closed relationship between culture and language use Explain…
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