Discursive essay

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Discursive essay (1): a balanced argument
Key success factors being able to construct an argument
• being able to link points together in a logical sequence
• using appropriate discourse markers to connect, contrast, and balance points


Text-messaging is an important ifI- advance in communication - or is it?

a You have been asked to write the following essay:

" '1

. ' "


. . :-".. /7.- .: ...; .:-:

'Just think of it as if you 're reading a long text-message:

Text-messaging is an important advance in communication - or is it?
With a partner, discuss three reasons you think text messaging represents an important advance in communication and three reasons why it
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3 To sum up, although text messages are a cheap and useful way of communicating, they have arguably led to young people being less able to express themselves correctly in writing. On balance, I believe that text messaging does not represent an advance in communication.



Introductions and conclusions
In an essay it is important that the introduction engages the reader 's attention. It should introduce the topic, but should not include the specific points that you are going to mention in the body of the text.
A good introductory paragraph describes the present situation and gives supporting evidence. It should refer to the statement or question you have been asked to discuss.
This can often be done in the form of a question to the reader which the subsequent paragraphs should answer.
The conclusion should briefly sum up the arguments you have made, and can include your personal opinion.
The opinion you express should follow logically from the arguments you have presented.


d Complete the missing words. Some (but not all) are in the model essay.
Expressing the main points in an argument
texting allows us to
1 The greatest b is that communicate instantly
2 First and most im '_ with other people.

3 One ""d

of texting

people to use texts as an excuse to get out of
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