Discus In Sports

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Discus was a difficult event that I learned. Throughout my sophomore and junior year it was a struggle for me to get the steps down. I would give up and always say “I can’t”. When they say practice makes perfect, it really does. I know how to do to do this because Track and Field has always been my sport. It is my stress reliever when things get tough. Art Torrez, my coach, taught me everything I know. He is honestly the best coach I have ever had. He pushed me to my limits, no matter how many times I could not do it or that I give up, he was the first to push me and tell me to try harder. The items needed for this event are pretty simple. A throwing ring with an open field is necessary. This is very critical because you do not want to throw near cars, roads, or even people due to the damage that can happen in seconds. If it is a women throwing, 1kg discus is recommend. That is the size that all women get but if wanting to advance themselves a 1.5kg is good for practice but not for competition. 1.5kg and 2kg for men. Discuses are available anywhere. Order it online and when it arrives they are all set. These discus can range anywhere from $6 - $100, just depending on the type that has been ordered.…show more content…
The purpose of this is to gain momentum, so that when the discus is released, there is power behind it. Enter the ring from anywhere. First, place the discus in your throwing arm. Spread fingers slightly, index finger lined with your wrist. Stand perpendicular to the throwing direction - face towards the bank of the ring. You should be in an athletic position. As you are getting ready to release, 80% of body weight should shift to right leg. You will twist your body completely opposite of the throwing direction. Extending arm, your body should form an X from this position. Stay low, you do not want to hurt your back from standing straight
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