Discuss Health, Safety or Security Concerns Arising from a Specific Incident or Emergency in a Health and Social Care Setting.

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M3: discuss health, safety or security concerns arising from a specific incident or emergency in a health and social care setting. In this report I am going to discuss health, safety and security concerns that may arise when dealing with abuse and intruders in entry and foundation at Haringey sixth form centre. Incidents of suspected or actual Abuse The main concern that may arise when dealing with abuse is communication. This becomes a major concern as if a student’s has a hearing or speech impairment, it can mean that they may not be able to communicate how they feel about the subject, or express it correctly. In my poster I minimised this barrier by suggesting suitable responses to the situation. Ensure that staff talk to the…show more content…
Assumptions are sometimes be made about disabled children e.g. their mood, injury or behaviour. This can result in indicators of possible abuse being mistakenly attributed to the child's impairment. However; their behaviour may be the only way for them to express how they actually feel. In my poster I minimized this by highlighting types of abuse and indicators that staff an look out for if they suspect abuse. For example an indicator for physical abuse is unbelievable excuses i.e. I walked into a lamp post. However, not all the signs mentioned mean that the student is being abused, but it’s about using your sense to know if it feels right or not. Intruders in the college The main concern that may arise when dealing with intruders in the college is getting hold of personal information. This is a major concern for any school or college and is important that they are stopped. If intruders do enter the premises they could get hold of personal information about students and staff. In my poster I have highlighted this and given advice on how to stop this from occurring if someone unauthorized enters the building. Computes should be password locked when they are not being used and any confidential paper work should be put into cabinets which are locked. Staff should ensure that all members staff are aware of this rule and if any computers are not locked to do so. By having this
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