Discuss How Hunger and Malnutrition Influence the Health and Development of Communities.Then Explain How Community Participation and National Political Commitment Can Help to Address the Effects of Hunger and Malnutrition

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Assignment no2
Course : DVA 1601
Due date : 22 March 2013

Title: Discuss how hunger and malnutrition influence the health and development of communities. Then explain how community participation and national political commitment can help to address the effects of hunger and malnutrition.

Table contents
1. Introduction
2. Definitions of health, hunger and malnutrition
3. Effects of hunger and malnutrition and how the two concepts are linked
4. How community participation can address these effects
5. National Political commitment
6. Examples of community participation and national political commitment and how they can address the effects of hunger and malnutrition
7. Conclusion
8. References
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(Hennie Swanepoel and Frik De Beer,Introduction to Development studies 1st Edition1997)”mentioned that malnutrition has a number of serious effects on human beings and their ability to live a productive life. There are different types of malnutrition. There are direct effects and indirect effects that influence the health of the people. Direct effects are Protein energy malnutrition, vitamin deficiency, iodine deficiency and Anaemia and indirect effects is mortality from other diseases attributed to mild or moderate underweight and mortality from other diseases attributed to vitamin A deficiency. (Regan C 80:20 development in an unequal world :) mentioned that malnourishment and undernourishment can affect people for their entire lives. A malnourished individual may grow up with physical or cognitive disabilities and face a life of hardship assaults such disabilities also have a debilitating affect upon a country’s workforce and subsequently its economic productivity. Malnourishment and undernourished has made a very bad impact in our country. For example: from the previous years there are parents who never took their kids for immunisation and also they never give them a proper